Heavy Oil Upgrading

Over the last years SchuF has developed many different valve designs for heavy oil upgrading applications.


SchuF is a world leader for valves for Bergius Pier type of upgrading. In this process, hydrogen is reacted with feedstock such as coal, residue and/or heavy oils under high pressure and temperature in the presence of a catalyst. The subsequent stages of pressure let down and separation from about 200 bar to vacuum at up to 500°C  in several stages are very severe for the valves involved.

SchuF valves have been used successfully in the KAB VCC plant (first modern commercial scale plant) and the Shenhua DCL plant.
Other clients include PDVSA/Intevep, KBR and Saipem ENI.

Over the last years SchuF has developed many different valve designs for heavy oil upgrading applications as e.g.:


2-in-1 Control Valve

The 2-in-1 Control Valve is a new development to minimize erosion and fluctuation in pressure and levels. It combines two trims in a single valve.


 SchuF 2-in-1 Control Valve   2 in 1 Control valve

Photo + Fig.: ©SchuF


High Pressure Angle Control Valve

High Pressure Angle Valves are used as double block and bleed systems where ball valves have gotten stuck.

Shenhua Angle Control Valve

Shenhua Angle Control Valve no2

 Photos: ©SchuF

Single Stage Letdown Valve

The Single Stage Letdown Valve (shown below) enables level control of HHPS, MHPS and atmospheric distillation. It is able to handle δP of up to 180bar at 500°C with severe flashing and high solids content

Single Stage Control valve no2
 Single Stage Control valve no1

 Photos: ©SchuF

Diverter Valve with Flush Valves

The diverter valve for heavy oil upgrading (shown below) distribute residue to several parallel redundant control valves and pumps.
Diverter valves are designed to divert or combine flow without any dead space inside the valve.

SchuF Diverter valve for heavy oil upgrading 2

Diverter Valve for Heavy Oil Upgrading

 Photos: ©SchuF


Are you looking for a special valve design fitting your requirements?

Please contact Mr. David Donne (Global Sales Director) at: ddonne@schuf.de  or  T +49 6198 571 110

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Video gallery
A video showing the operation of a recently-manufactured SchuF powder-sampling Valve is now available-please click the link below, which will take you to the Vimeo video-sharing website. The video will begin automatically. more